Thank you for all your posts and blogs. It’s been a great journey so far!
I’m almost at the 3 month mark since starting but the difference in a month is unbelievable.
I look forward to the workouts everyday now. I’m also seeing a difference on the track skating! THANK YOU! 


Stephanie Pedro

Evada is my Derby-hero, we are small girls but this is not a weakness for her. She is so powerful on the track that her size is a lethal weapon.  She has helped me on issues such as good nutrition, also working in fitness tips that could help me to become stronger and more agile, but the best of all, she has given me motivation to continue and see my weaknesses ass an incentive to reach my goals. That’s why Evada is a motivation for me, because she is a complete athlete and a awesome person.

Cynthia Mariana Vega Santiago.
Derby Name: Vegas #18
Team: Burdel Zombie (México)

Vegas #18


I have really enjoyed my membership and have used your workouts to supplement what I do at the gym.  I have seen a significant improvement in my fitness level and have had positive results during my most recent game.  As you may recall one of my goals in increasing my workouts was to help me be more prepared for the Pivot role.  This past weekend I pivoted the whole game for the first time. I played close to 70% of the jams in the game. I am thankful to say that my endurance was on point and I felt much stronger on the track.   The fear of the helmet cover pass is now gone. Thanks to your program for this…
Thank you for being inspirational on the track as well as with your fitness and insight on derby overall.
Love, NV

Natalie V

I started this program in July…and tonight was our first (Roller Derby) practice back.  I felt great!! My endurance felt so much better, I wasn’t winded, I wasn’t tired at all and I felt stronger. It felt really really good. 🙂 Just over a month till tryouts!


Stephanie “Pedro”

Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your training, with that “pinch” of Crossfit, style. Also other members of my gym recognized my different training style and change and are very curious :_ Thanks for that! I’ll totally keep joining your Fit Club as it helps me a lot and is a great inspiration 🙂


Nina Felgen

Thanks Vaders!!! You’re the best!! Just FYI I’ve lost 10lbs just doing the home stuff and modified too. I’m way too pumped to go full beast mode.

♥️ Moni

Monika Adrian

I just wanted to check in and tell you how much I am loving your program! My favorite part is that everyday is something different and new, this is the first time I have found myself looking forward to my workouts. (Besides Derby, of course)

Turns out my small ‘lame’ gym has everything I need! Since I’m often the only one there, I can crank my music up and make the most of that day’s workout.

Thanks for creating such an awesome training program. Very excited to have started in this journey.


Annie Patterson