About the ’52 Fit Club

What is the ’52 Fit Club?

It is accessible.
It is affordable.
It is effective!

A single payment of $30 will provide you access to over 600 of my favourite workouts and routines!  Let me plan your workouts for you!  Pair your workout with one of my high-protein Food Guides to support building muscle and burning body fat!


When I first moved to the city five years ago I couldn’t afford anything.
No gym. No fancy supplements. No special training or classes.
I decided to put together a workout program that I could do during my lunch break at work (30-45min).
I learned how to optimize my time during my workout, rather than spend hours at the gym.
I learned how to get results even when I couldn’t afford a gym membership or any equipment.
I started researching about proper diet and how to eat well ‘on a budget’.
I made goals, reached them, and made new goals.

The ’52 Fit Club is a collection of over 600 workouts that target various muscle groups and implement my favourite training techniques such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Weight Training, Plyometrics and more!

For every workout, there is a “Gym” option as well as a “Home” option (no equipment required).  The workouts range from 15 minutes to just under an hour, as I created them in order to workout during my 45 minute lunch break!

The foundation of the ’52 Fit Club is to provide a accessible, affordable and effective workout routines that will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but also fall in love with fitness along the way!

No more wandering around a weight room or cardio room wondering what to do, or searching for workout to do at home.  Everything is at your fingertips!

Our time is valuable and by having a simple and direct plan for every workout, from warm up to cool down, not a minute of your time is wasted!

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Questions?  Let me know!  Send me an email: ’52 Fit Club Inquiry