About the ’52 Fit Club


I am so excited and honoured that you have chosen to include me in your fitness journey. I strongly believe that fitness is a lifestyle and therefore something we should enjoy doing. My goal in creating this website and program is to help others feel comfortable and confident about working out, no matter where they are. In creating options that are accessible and affordable, I know you will soon join me in my love affair with fitness!

You may have noticed that the number ’52 is referenced quite often in the titles of the programs and plans. As a Roller Derby skater, I chose this as my jersey number years ago, however, I did not realize how much this number would resonate with me outside of the sport. At first I chose the number based on the inspiration for my derby name, Evada Peron, however, as time passed I found the number began to reflect my life in many other ways, specifically when it came to the way I began to view fitness.

With this new mindset I began to achieve results I had never had before and my team mates, friends and family started to notice. When asked about what I was doing differently, I realized that I was just simply enjoying working out. I was longer viewing it as a ‘task’ of ‘chore’ or something I had to do, but rather something I really wanted to do! I had designed a style of training that fit my personality, my goals and kept me excited! I had found a way to combine my competitive spirit with exercises from some of my favourite fitness classes and gyms that I had been a part of over the years.

For me the secret is having a plan and always keeping it fresh! I know running for an hour on a treadmill or repeating the same workout day in and day out not only bores me to tears, but also deters me from wanting to even put on my gym clothes. I want to have fun when I workout, and I want the same for you! I want us to commit to our workout and use that time efficiently. No more wandering around a weight room or cardio room wondering what to do, or feeling like we can’t push ourselves hard enough working out at home.

I know our time is valuable and by having a membership to this club, I will make sure that we always a plan. Though’52 originated as a jersey number, it has now evolved into a mentality, a ’52 week a year, everyday lifestyle that I have continued, even after my retirement from skating.

This is what I want to share with you. I want to give you the tools to reach your goals, crush them, set new ones, and crush those one too! All I ask is that you make commitment to yourself, today, that this is the first day, the first step, into a new life,
a ’52 Fit life.

Do it for you.



Evada Perón