Hiit Hiit Hooray

I am in love with HIIT.
Why? Because it’s quick, it’s flexible (in regards to where you can do it and what kind of equipment is required) and it’s effective.

If you think about our sport, we play in intervals of 2 minutes, full throttle, and generally have a few minutes to recover.  Therefore, it makes sense to prep your mind and body for this type of exertion and recovery.

I am so passionate about this type of workout, and so please feel free to message me or come and talk to me if you see me at a practice or tournament, because I could go on for HOURS about different workout ideas and routines.

Anyways, yesterday the gym was closed at my work, so I came up with this workout to do in the hallway outside the change rooms.  I used a set of 8lb weights and a 6lb medicine ball I found outside the gym doors.  You don’t always need to lift heavy, as long as you are breaking a sweat, keeping your heart rate up and completing enough reps to feel the burn (try completing the exercise in a slower and controlled movement to really push yourself).  Honestly, I prefer lighter weight when I’m using free weights.

Full body killer workout complete.  No treadmill or Elpitical required.


To learn more about my fitness routines, check out my website at http://www.epfitness52.com or my Facebook page!


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