Enjoying the view from up here.  Riding a wave that will surely at some point have to reach the shore and toss me tumbling into the sands of reality.  But for now I am breathing deeply and sucking in the refreshing sea breeze, letting my lungs fill with the taste of change and possibility.
This is paradise.
As the year comes to an end I am thankful for so many things.  For a (somewhat) healthy body which allows me to go where I want to go and the opportunity to physically push myself to new limits.
Having the chance to participate in Team Canada try-outs this month was a dream come true and a very specific goal that I had worked towards for more than two years.  Skating amongst my heroes and my friends in the town where I first put on a pair of roller-skates was a surreal and an unforgettable moment.
Waiting to hear back on the results, I am totally at peace.  I left it all on the track and accept this path I’m on.
It is no longer up to me.
Though the past year has presented some incredibly difficult tests and tough lessons I am able to say that I have no regrets and am grateful for every experience that has shaped my heart and soul and placed me where I am right now.
I have fallen in love again with skating.  With competing.
I am ready to make new goals.  Ready to work.

I have also fallen in love with life again.  With the pain and sorrows and the wild tornadoes that spin you around and drop you in the most unexpected and unexplored places.

It all happens for a reason and here I am, feeling so incredibly lucky and excited about my future.
The fact that I get to spend the holidays with my family and friends and that I will end this year with nothing but hope in my heart and new experiences to look forward to…

Honestly, anything else that might happen…well that’ll just be gravy.


One thought on “Cheers

  1. ivangrozny says:

    Such a powerful and uplifting message – you are an amazing person! We send you every conceivable good wish and thought for now as well as for an absolutely excellent, happy and successful New Year!

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