I’m Not Broken! ….But Definitely Broke.

Now that I’m back skating (no-contact, but skating), I’m not going to preach anymore about cross-training or listening to your body or what it’s like to be in recovery or out of recovery or off-skates vs on-skates vs whatEVER.

I wrote that, you read that.  Injuries suck.  Being broken sucks.   Moving on.

Now that I’m not currently “broken”, I’ve realized I’m just simply “broke”.

Season 2013 is coming up and I’m looking forward to preparing for it and competing and training and attending boot camps and scrimmages and travelling for tournaments and joining a gym and saving for Rollercon…but also realizing…I…am…broke.

So very fucking broke.

I am, what the derbyists would refer to as (or maybe just me), “derby poor”.

And don’t get me wrong, I was never once “rich” or even financially sound, but I definitely expected at this point in my life to be accumulating some sort of savings.

Why am I so broke?  Well, let’s take a trip down Evada Peron’s work history memory lane…

My first years of employment involved working a series of menial positions including an icecream scooper at the local mall and a “fry girl” at a concession stand by the beach.   Needless to say I was not raking in the dough, but my goal at the time was to save enough for a years’ worth of travel to South America after high school, which I successfully accomplished.

Following highschool and my trip, I once again had no money.  I enrolled in university and landed a job as a janitor/ice patroller (yes this is a job) and managed to scrape enough cash every month to get through almost 7 years of post-secondary education, but also successfully remained extremely poor.

PLUS: I was able finish up school without debt…

MINUS: I still had no money.

During my university years I was perpetually broke, but everyone promised me the “investment” I was making into my education would someday pay off.  I was made to believe that someday I wouldn’t have to live off canned soup and jars of peanut butter and if something unexpected happened (like a punk kid smashing the passenger window of my poor ’98 civic) it wouldn’t drive me into financial ruin.

So in 2011, after I finally finish school and found myself  an awesome, amazing, well-paying office gig, I thought,  “Time to start saving!”

I finished paying off my bucket of bolts car (second hand from my mother…it wasn’t reliable enough to go 20km away from my house, but who needs to travel that far anyways…right?) and didn’t have any other looming bills to worry about….

Enter derby.

Suddenly all the paychecks that were coming in, that were supposed to be going towards some responsible and sensible savings account, were disappearing pretty ‘effing fast.

Well, I needed a fresh meat package when I first joined up….it was an investment into my derby future…and then I needed to purchase every pair of derby socks, leg warmers or fishnets within eyesight, then of course  upgrade my knee pads, and my wheels, and my then my skates…and then my skates again, and then my trucks, and then get even more efficient protective gear, and then pay to go on road trips, and boot camps, and then naturally buy a brand new reliable car to get me to these far off places, and then of course I needed every derby t-shirt and pair shorts and attend as many bouts as possible and then… blah blah blah = derby poor.

At this point I’ve simply decided:

I don’t live to work, or work to live.  I work to derby.  That’s about it.

I’m broke…but at least I’m not broken!

Ah well.




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