The Derby Crush

Let’s just put it out there…Nothing gets under your skin like a solid “derby crush”.

If you haven’t experienced the derby crush…well then my friend – you have not lived.

In my short derby life I have had many a crush on many a derby skater.  They have ranged from skaters I was absolutely terrified of, to skaters I absolutely wanted to make-out with.  How does this happen? 

Well, come with me on a little journey I’d like to call…the “making of a derby crush”…

Imagine the most exciting sport on earth (ahem..derby) and then the most fabulously strong, confident, and amazing looking human beings playing it…(wait, i’m not done)…
Combine this with the fact that not only are they just ten feet in front of your face, they actually look at you, smile at you and if your lucky…give a lil’wink…
Continue with me on this fantasy and imagine that not only do you have the pleasure of cheering for them, making signs for them (with catchy slogans hand painted with poster paint and glitter…no big deal), and placing  them in the same category as superheros and rock stars….
but you also have the gratification of knowing they can actually hear you!  They actually see you! And later on at the after party they raise their glass to you and thank YOU for being so awesome!


This is how derby crushes are made.

It’s the perfect storm really. Derby is like a candy bar at an ice cream shop.  You have every kind of sprinkle, chocolate nugget and sweet syrup to choose from…with a side of kick ass and wrist guard sweat.

Most importantly, you can’t help but fall absolutely in love with people who are so damn good at the sport you are absolutely in love with.

For me, my derby crushes have been more than just pitter -patterings of the heart when I see them skate…they have inspired me to train hard, like really hard, and to read more, to watch more, to learn more, to challenge myself ten times more than I ever thought I could…

You know, not everyone gets crushed upon, and for those that do…it’s for good reason. 

One night, after one of the most exciting bouts I’d ever watched, during one of the most exciting derby weekends of my life, I finally had the courage to ask one of my first derby crushes for an autograph (laugh now but I have a framed autograph from Re-AnimateHer and you don’t) …and as I stood there feeling like a complete dork and thanked her for her autograph, she turned and looked me dead in the eye and said, “one day I will be asking for yours”. 

Now THAT is how a derby crush is made.


Who wants to go to the gym?

Check out this crush worthy skater at:


20 thoughts on “The Derby Crush

    • dm_girl says:

      I’ve had a ‘derby crush’ on ReAnimateHer for years. I’m bringing the boyfriend to his first bout this month so he can experience the wondrous joy that is derby. And perhaps he’ll develop his own ‘derby crush’ 🙂

  1. Lee-Thal Lyannimal says:

    Wasn’t that just the best weekend ever! I know that after failing misearbly at ‘real’ plow stops in front of ‘Mater I was almost ashamed, but then invigorated at the same time to do it right. Then jamming with Carmen coaching and cheering me on…I had to focus so hard, but in my head I was freakin’ out, that’s Carmen Getsome, eeek!

    I was so proud of you for asking for that autograph, I’ve never had the courage to ask any of my crushes, because they’re ‘real people’…weird, I know. After the Team Canada Scrimmage though I’ve lost it and fully embrace my crushes.

    Lee-Thal Lyannimal

  2. Daphne du Gorier says:

    Oh my goodness, SO TRUE. On my second week we got told to pair with the person opposite us on the track. My derby crush pointed at me and winked. I basically died. Never have I wanted to impress someone so much.

  3. Jane Sparrow says:

    I have to agree with you! Re AnimateHer is my first and only derby crush! She is so amazing and inspiring I have learned so much from her at a couple of boot camps!

  4. Tammie says:

    Rose Ruin SSRG ❤
    With the stunning beauty of a rockabilly pinup with the blocking AND jamming skills of a god!! Her passion and fire for the love of derby is surpassed on by her kindness 🙂

  5. Pain Angel says:

    I just did a training session with Fast Girl University last month and I got autographs from Carmen Getsome, Will E Peyote and Jewanna Brawl all on a FGU tank top…was absolutely one of the best weekends of my life!!! I have just found the sport of derby in June, I fell in love and I am completely addicted. I love and thank my coach (Rollin’ Bayou, former Rat City Rollergirl) for moving to my town…this would have never been if she had not happened to move to this little beach on the Outer Banks of NC and make it her goal to start a derby league here!!!

  6. Paige says:

    So with you on this! Mater is the reason I want to skate. Watching her on the track makes me believe I can do anything and she is so nice off the track to her fans. I love that I get the honor of seeing her skate every month.

  7. Killin says:

    I had a serious derby crush for 2 years. Every time I saw her, on or off skates, I became a stammering, drooling mess but did my best to play it cool. Not only did her skating skills blow my mind but she is pretty hot. And now, by some strange twist of fate, she is my girlfriend. Dreams can come true.

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