Feliz Navidad…

So…no snow this time around.  From what I can remember from last year, there was no snow that time around either…and if I recall correctly, it was dry enough to go for a chilly roller blade through the neighbourhood between stuffing my face with eggs, pancakes and hashbrowns, and then restuffing it with tofurkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing.

A lot has changed in a year.  Not only has the term “rollerblading” become almost blasphemous, but I don’t eat tofurkey anymore.

Granted, I still think I should go back to not eating meat, and I should also utilize the roller blades I once cherished so deeply, but have left in the trunk of my car since that final blade on that beautiful and unusually sunny December afternoon…then again, there are many parts of my life that have been left unattended since I fell deeply and fanatically in love with roller derby.

I’m sure last Christmas (and only skimming the surface of derby as a recently graduated freshmeat on a team of 8 skaters) I still talked about the general hopes and dreams of a small town homebody…things like school and marriage and potentially having babies or buying a home, but this Christmas, the conversations are definitely a lot less general.  If you want my eyes to light up, ask me about Team Canada kicking ass and taking names in Toronto, or my next bootcamp (perhaps a couple months away), or what the next season is going to consist of (a bit undecided at this point).  Not as easy to make small talk at the dinner table this year.  My family was noticably shocked by my lack of chatter, my sister even remarked I looked “serious”.  Well…I am.
Rather than getting me a gift certificate to a spa, this year I asked for a hockey helmet.  Rather than enjoying my the freedom of elastic banded sweatpants on the couch murmuring about my mother’s fantastic homecooking, I sprawled on the living room carpet and worked on stretches my physiotherapy doctor had recommended for my knees and bragged to any relative nearby about my new hockey helmet.

Yes, Christmas is definitely different this year, but rather than being excited about what my future may hold, I am freaking PUMPED about what is happening right now!!  Every time I think about strapping on my skates and whipping around the jammer track – my heart skips a beat.  Dryland training has a purpose, (not just going to the gym, this is training)…exercise is no longer just about fitting into an old pair of jeans, it’s training.  Eating is for fuel.  Water is for hydrating and sleep is for recovery.  Everything has a purpose…and I could not be merrier.


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