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I love working out but I get bored easy.  I found my best success when I started to combine different weight training, high intensity interval training and plyometric workouts throughout the week.

I started writing a daily fitness blog, outlining what I planned to do that day.  Every workout is under 45 minutes, as that is the maximum amount of time I have to workout (I workout on my lunch break!).

Over the past few years I have posted over 500 workouts!  I continue to research and learn new methods and routines to challenge my body and, most importantly, have fun at the gym!

Do you need some extra motivation?  Do you wonder around the gym feeling lost or overwhelmed?  Join me and the ’52 Fit Club and let’s workout together!  It’s time to feel inspired and excited about your fitness journey!

Thank you for all your posts and blogs. It’s been a great journey so far!
I’m almost at the 3 month mark since starting but the difference in a month is unbelievable.
I look forward to the workouts everyday now. I’m also seeing a difference on the track skating! THANK YOU! 


Stephanie Pedro

Thanks Vaders!!! You’re the best!! Just FYI I’ve lost 10lbs just doing the home stuff and modified too. I’m way too pumped to go full beast mode.

♥️ Moni

Monika Adrian

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