Mindful Movement

What is the Mindful Movement monthly online program?


The evolution of this program has continuously been a reflection of all the valuable and amazing experiences and lessons I have learned so far through my own health and fitness journey and coaching others through theirs.

Starting in 2022, rather than being referred to as a “fit camp”, this program is now called Mindful Movement, with the focus of every monthly online program encompassing mindfulness practices to strengthen our bodies through movement and empower our minds and hearts through meditation and journaling.


1. a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.Each month we will explore new physical challenges, new journaling topics and guided meditation practices. 

Consistency is key when creating a healthy, sustainable and long lasting relationship with your physical and mental health and I am here to keep you accountable!

This program recognizes how, by taking the time to connect with our minds, bodies and community, we
 can better manage the day to day challenges and stresses that life brings.

I receive so much joy by supporting and listening to the members each month, hearing their stories, their struggles and their triumphs as we challenge ourselves inside and out!

It is time to start loving ourselves into a loving place! If you haven’t given the program a try – join us! Your story is special and could be just what someone else needs to hear!

For more details and to be notified of upcoming registration dates, please join the #MindfulMovement community here


What is the mission statement of the Mindful Movement program?

It is accessible.
It is affordable.
It is achievable!

Consider me your online coach 🙂

I put together a monthly program that will be sent right to your inbox! 

We take an 80/20 approach, where the mindfulness practices are scheduled during the weekdays  (Mon-Fri) with 2 rest days on weekends.  If you miss a day, you can decide to “double up” the next day or swap out a rest day during the weekend!

The meditations and journaling practices are generally between 5-10 minutes long.

The physical exercise routines can be performed at a gym or at home (with minimal equipment or ZERO equipment – depending on your set up) in under 30 minutes.

This plan is flexible and all about resetting healthy habits and creating a sustainable self-care routine. 

When things get tough and goals seem out of reach, I always tell my clients that “consistency is key”.  I believe mapping out a plan and using various tools to track progress is the most effective way to accomplish any goal!

Join the Mindful Movement and I will provide you:

  • 4 weeks of planned (quick and FUN) full body workouts
  • Various methods and tools to measure and track your progress
  • A new Spotify playlist to get PUMPED UP to!
  • A motivating Facebook group to maintain accountability and ask questions
  • Daily journal entry topics for you to explore and share 
  • Daily guided meditations for you to practice